Celtic Woodcarver
An Irishman works with wood.
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Learn Wood-Turning

My interest in woodwork began when I was just a lad and my father taught me the basics of woodwork and how to use a hand scroll saw. That was in Tipperary, Ireland - in the old days - and now I live in Alabama. I've tried other crafts such as mosaics and stained glass but wood remains my passion. I like to experiment and try different designs and variations and get great satisfaction when it all comes together. 

Currently I am working on clocks (I've always loved clocks! ) made from old walnut floorboards. They're well worn and a bit distressed with some cracks etc which gives a slight folksy, primitive look to the clock. Since the wood is very dark I add highlights of oak, pine and padauk to the face area of the clock to lighten it up and to add an element of craft and design to each project. Each clock is a unique challenge and provides great satisfaction upon completion.

I have some pendulum clocks in the design stage.  About 15 inches tall and suitable for wall or mantle.  These will be made from walnut mainly, but check back occasionally to see what's going on.  Read the BLOG too !
Also, coming soon are some celtic knots cut and carved out of solid wood in such a way to make it look like they are actually woven continuously as an endless knot.